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About Us

In 1973, SCHOTT Gemtron opened its first plant in Sweetwater, Tennessee, as a subsidiary of Day Specialties Corporation of Canada. With 35 employees and a 30,000 square foot facility, SCHOTT Gemtron made control panels for ranges.

A talented engineering staff enabled SCHOTT Gemtron to branch into other products and forms of glass fabrication. SCHOTT Gemtron's consistent success attracted the attention of AGC Glass Industries, who acquired SCHOTT Gemtron in 1983, and SCHOTT Glass, who bought a majority interest in 1989. With the power of two industry leaders behind it, and a reputation for innovation and reliability, SCHOTT Gemtron quickly expanded its product line to molded plastics and added additional manufacturing locations throughout North America.

In 2001, SCHOTT Gemtron entered the metal field with a metal fabrication and powder coating facility located in Madisonville, Kentucky. In 2004, SCHOTT Gemtron entered the commercial refrigeration market, supporting the strategy of developing new markets and new business.


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SCHOTT Gemtron, Sweetwater TN

615 Highway 68
Sweetwater, TN 37874

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